About Us

I am Pravin, now retired and an ex-director of a successful lighting components company based in the UK.

Like many of us living here in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc., I have a holiday home near Murcia in Spain where I trot off every 8 to 10 weeks or so and spend a fortnight there in the sun and to enjoy the pleasure of the Spanish culture and hospitality.

I would normally hire a car there which is generally at quite a reasonable daily rate with seasonal pricing variations however, I find that the car hire companies deliver a real sting on the insurance premium they would charge, and that is generally around about £17.00 per day; Not only considered high, but unreasonably so!

I therefore looked at the possibility of buying a 3 wheel electric tricycle which I would leave there permanently, as it would easily go through the front door of the house which has a width of about 90 cm.

I looked around for this tricycle, but the price they asked for was very high, and these same trikes are available from China (in bulk buys of course) which is where they get them from.

Having done the research myself, I offered the dealer what I thought to be a reasonable price bearing in mind they have overheads and must make a profit. I offered him his buying in cost + shipping from China, and added 80% to that so I give him a reasonable margin in order for him to survive in business.  I considered that to be a reasonable offer.  My offer was rejected.

I have therefore now launched this website, to bring these tricycles in directly from China, and supply them to the public at what I hope is a reasonable price.  You judge.

I am sorry if I have bored you here, but hey at least I have shared my experiences and my thoughts with you.

With best wishes.